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In addition to the use of the canonical Gun-Knife-Truck and who can afford or know how to build, homemade bomb, on the deep web the jihadist forum I.S. suggests using the Raspberry Pi, to spread the Jihadist propaganda and to connect without danger to being discovered by the police.

This computer that costs € 35, has no outside lining, no monitor or keyboard, and is powered by a standard battery charger. It uses the open source Linux operating system, an Ethernet connection for the Internet and is equipped with two Usb ports and one for SD memory card.

It is the number one tool used by cyber criminals because it is easily editable for the needs of the user and allows them to program. (It is used by both anarchist, jihadist terrorists, and from common criminals and mafias for weapons, drugs etc.).

By contrast, intelligence across Europe, including Italy, loses time to discuss other topics. But of integrated cyber security models, it does not speak. Indeed, apart from some military undercover, I have not found anyone able to apply or at least discuss this security model it in public administration it in more or less organized companies.

The answer in order is:

ANSWERS POOR (small businesses)

1) “we do not need it, in the company there are security guards;

2) “no, no, thanks .. we just put the new alarm system”

3) “yes, but for cyber security we are in place …. we put kaspersky

ANSWERS COMPLEX (medium to large companies and public administration)

1) “thank you, we have a brainstorming between our site security managers and corporate governance to decide what further action to take in the field of security. Let you know”

2) “Well done, if you go to the company we talk to the General Accountant.

3) “Nice project but this year’s security budget we have already committed ourselves to the purchase of very powerful new devices.”


What I’ve been trying to figure out for years, and that led me to write a book, is that there’s no awareness of what’s going on. The Islamic Jihad is not a passing event that only fights with the police, or that affects only the attacks they can do on the street. Jihad has complex and heterogeneous goals that also involve the social and economic fabric. The jihadists who blow up or steal a truck to commit massacres, live among us, work in our companies and attend our friends. The jihadist network uses more and more tools and technologies than we are using, and they have a knowledge of the superior technology tools. They pass any information from deep web, they interconnect easily with low cost. What links to emulate and use high-level advertising campaigns comparable to the US presidential election.

We Fighting this phenomenon, but it serves awareness of the enemy force.

Giuseppe Spadafora ISO / IEC 27001 Expert SMC

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