E.S.S.A. European Safety & Security Academy - MISTAKES EVALUATION terrorism

So much to say:

In Italy, at the G7 summit in Taormina, scanners, atomic mass-detection, metal detectors (those in the airports, etc.) have been planted at points of access to the historic center.

Nothing, in England, for a concert with over 20,000 people.

Result: 22 dead and hundreds injured, caused by a jihadist who is charging an explosive belt, travels by train to Manchester and blows in air.

With this I do not mean that in Italy we are safer, but certainly our national security system understands a little more than English, French, German or Belgian …

Islamic matrix terrorism in Europe is an endemic fact and So we will have to look into the future.

We will come to have attacks inside the buses or in the movies or during the country festivities.

If we do not start raising awareness on the behavioral model, the dead will still count as hundreds.

Giuseppe Spadafora ISO / IEC 27001 Expert SMC

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